Transitions policy

At Joeys we aim to make the transition from home to nursery, nursery to Out of School Club or Koala room to Little Jumpers Room as smooth as possible, with the child’s needs and well-being our primary concern.

Children starting at Joeys

  • We will discuss your child’s needs and visits with you.

  • We will offer visits which fit in with the family.

  • Each child’s transition will vary depending on the child and circumstances.

  • There will not be any pressure for you to leave your child until you feel happy to do so.

  • Children who have attended a setting previously often settle quicker and require less visits.

  • We do suggest that children attend a minimum of two 3hr sessions per week, as children settle better. It is a long time in a child’s life from one week to the next and they can become unsettled all over again; this also helps staff develop relationships with their key children.

Suggested minimum visits - New children

  • 1 hr with parents

  • 1 hr without parent

  • 1 session without parent (2½ hrs) e.g. 9-11.30

  • Start normal booked sessions

(All these are flexible to individual needs)

Transition between Koala room and Little Jumpers room

  • Children will not be moved up before they are 2. This is due to staffing ratio’s and suitability/safety of the equipment.

  • This is a major transition in some children’s lives, going from a small room with 5 others to a large room with up to 20+ others. It will be done supportively and sensitively.

  • Visits will start several weeks before the final move.

  • Parents will be encouraged to have a least 1 visit with their child to help the transition, this is also an opportunity for parents to meet other staff who will care for their child.

  • Familiar staff will accompany the child through to the children’s room for their visits and help the hand-over to a new key person.

Transition between Little Jumpers room and Out of School Club

  • Children can visit the out of school club after their 4th birthday, although these visits are usually restricted to the summer holidays, visits are at management discretion and will be arranged following risk assessment of the environment including overall numbers and ages of the other children attending.

  • If you wish for your 4 year old to visit Out of School Club during the summer holidays, we will sensitively introduce them to some short sessions.

  • If however you are unlikely to require childcare during the holidays we suggest that your child remains in Joeys.

Koala room transition procedure

This procedure is to be followed in order to ensure that the transition of a child from the Koala Room to the Little Jumpers’ Room is as smooth as possible and that the child is supported throughout. 

  • Koala Room staff must alert office as to when visits to LJ’s need to begin, approximately 4 weeks before the child’s 2nd birthday.

  • Office staff to book regular and increasing visits under guidance from KR staff and visits written in Little Jumpers’ room diary.

  • Key worker for Little Jumpers’ Room to be decided when visits are booked, prior to them beginning.

  • Issue transitions letter to parents (preferably before visits begin, around 6 weeks before 2nd birthday) and encourage them to book an accompanied visit to the Little Jumpers’ Room.

  • A familiar Koala Room staff member must accompany child on their first visit.

  • Koala Room key worker to complete key worker transition form and formally ‘hand over’ to new key worker at first visit.

  • Little Jumpers’ staff are responsible for ensuring that the child spends time inside during their visits to allow them to get used to the room properly.

  • A member of staff should be ‘assigned’ to any child visiting from the Koala Room, not necessarily to provide 1-1 care but to ensure that the child feels safe and secure in their environment.

  • Little Jumper’s staff should complete the child’s communication diary for the time of their visit, to ensure that appropriate feedback can be given to parents when they collect. This should include information relating to sleeps, nappies, snacks and/or meals, and any activities that the child has enjoyed taking part in.

  • Little Jumpers’ staff should ensure that both child and parent are welcomed on their first official day, and that parents know where to find peg/put lunch etc.

It is of the utmost importance that both the child and the parent are confident when they move rooms. Please see Parent Transition Letter for more information.

Signed on behalf of Milnthorpe Family Centre Directors

Katie Smyth – Joeys Manager                                       Reviewed – January 2017

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