Sun Protection Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Joeys Nursery has consulted Cancer Research UK`s SunSmart Guidelines for Nurseries and Pre-schools and Early Years publications prior to writing the policy below.


Very young children have sensitive skin that can be easily damaged by the suns dangerous UV rays. At this young age they are unable to take responsibility for their own sun protection. We have a responsibility to ensure that children are protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

Why have a sun protection policy?

Parents and guardians will be able to access a copy of the policy along with a permission form, relating to the application of sunscreen.


Learning about sun safety to increase knowledge and influence behaviour. Staff will interactively discuss sun protection with children.


 Providing an environment that enables children and staff to stay safe in the sun.

  • Shade is provided by the roof canopy and the trees at the top of the garden.

  • Older children will be encouraged to spend time in the shaded areas.

  • Children who are immobile will be placed with activities in a shaded area.

  • Young children will not play in the garden between 11.30am and 2.00pm on extremely hot days.

  • Fresh drinking water is available at all times however during hotter weather children will be reminded and offered water to drink at more frequent intervals.

  • Children will wear suitable hats when playing in the garden. We request that these are brought in from home; however there will be a supply of spare hats for use.

  • Staff will wear hats when accompanying children in the garden and on walks to provide good role models.

  • Children are allowed to wear UV protective sunglasses, whilst engaged in outdoor activities, please check the protection levels which are advised to be UV 400/100% UV protection.

  • We advise parents to dress their children in clothing that covers the shoulders or provide cardigans and t-shirts to put on when playing outside.

  • Staff will not allow children to remove clothing whilst playing out in the sun. If playing in water children will change into dry clothes after play.

  • Parents/guardians will supply sunscreen that is no less than Sunscreen SPF 30.

  • New sunscreen will need to be supplied on request from staff.

Sunscreen will only be deemed usable if it is within the recommended expiry time. This is shown by an open pot symbol with a number above it specifying the number of months it should be open for (usually 12 or 18 depending on the brand) for their child’s use, preferably water resistant. This will be clearly labelled with the child’s name and the date which it was opened.

  • We recommend the use of once a day variety sunscreen. If you have chosen this type of sunscreen staff will still apply before each garden session due to water play and hand washing etc.

  • There will be a spare sunscreen for communal use however we will only apply this if the parent has signed to give permission on the child’s record form, due to the risk of allergies.

  • Children who do not have sunscreen to wear will only be able to play under the roof canopy on the decking.

  • Sunscreen will be applied at least twenty minutes before each session of outdoor activity.

  • Parents are advised to apply sunscreen to their children as part of their daily morning routine before dressing them. This will help to protect from the sun whilst travelling to nursery.

Free flow access to the garden

  • As recommended above the once a day variety of sunscreen aids the children’s free flow access to the garden, although this will still be reapplied regularly.

  • Water resistant sunscreen is better suited to water activities in the garden.

  • Sunscreen application will be recorded on the daily register with times to ensure children are always protected.

  • During hot weather free flow may be restricted to a shorter length of time to protect children from over exposure to the sun/heat. Alternatively children will be brought inside as and when it is necessary, for each individual’s wellbeing and safety.

Signed on behalf of Milnthorpe Family Centre Directors

Katie Smyth – Joeys Manager                                       Reviewed – January 2017

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