Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Policy

Access to play for children of all abilities


Joeys is open to every family in the community and we wish to promote equality of opportunity for children with special needs and their parents/carers within all facilities offered by Joeys. This policy meets the requirements of The Disability and Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995/2005.


We aim to provide:

  • Partnership with parents to ensure sharing of information and support for parents as their child’s first educator.

  • A flexible admissions policy, which takes individual needs and circumstances into account following a gradual planned entry into Joey’s facilities where this is appropriate.

  • Opportunities for all children to participate in Joeys’ activities.

  • Support and friendship for both children and adults. A key person system is already in place in Joeys so both children and adults can feel there is a particular person with whom they have personal contact.

  • Observations and record keeping are used in Joeys for all children and will be shared with or passed on to their next setting with parents’ permission. Records are the property of the parents and child. By using observations Joeys’ staff, in conjunction with parents/carers, can create play plans to facilitate children’s learning and keep a record of progress. Observations and plans are flexible and detailed according to need. In this way Joeys provides differentiated learning opportunities and individual education plans for children in keeping with the Assessment procedure as laid down by the SEN Code of Practice (Nov 2001).

  • When a key person feels that a child may not be making progress either generally or in a specific aspect of learning, the setting will adopt a graduated response so as to be able to provide specific help to the child as appropriate. This graduated approach will follow the guidelines set out in the SEN Code of Practice (Nov 2001), identifying the child’s needs within the setting, and implementing Early Years Action, or Early Years Action Plus as necessary. If help given through these schemes is not sufficiently effective, then the setting, in collaboration with parents and any external agencies involved, will make a request to the Local Education Authority for a statutory assessment to take place, in order to access appropriate levels of support for the individual child.

  • Where a child is receiving support and help from other agencies, the key person will, with the parent’s permission, liaise with these personnel in order to provide a consistent approach and maximise learning opportunities. Where parents/carers and Joeys’ workers feel that further information and advice could be helpful and that the child may benefit from the input of other agencies, Joeys staff will support the parents in approaching and asking for such help, including formal assessment of the child’s special educational needs if appropriate.

Opportunities are provided for staff to increase their knowledge and skills by the use of training courses and information provided by the management, Children’s Services and other professional bodies.  One member of staff has the designated responsibility to oversee arrangements for children with special needs and partnership with their parents and other agencies.  This person is Zoe Scrogham.  Her role does not preclude that of the child’s key person.


It is our belief that an essential element of providing equality of opportunity is providing positive images of difference and disability, and a curriculum which allows all children to become aware of disability and special needs.  To this end, Joeys monitors its books and equipment to ensure positive images are provided and portrays disability and difference as part of ordinary everyday life in the themes, topics and projects that we follow.

Signed on behalf of Milnthorpe Family Centre Directors

Katie Smyth – Joeys Manager                                       Reviewed – January 2017

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