Planning and Recording

‘Life must be lived as play…’ Plato

In their first five years, children grow and develop faster than at any other time in their lives. In order to ensure that their progress is maintained, we have developed our own planning and recording system.


Activities are planned in the long, medium and short term to stimulate your child’s interest and build upon their own experiences.

We ensure that children meet all of the curriculum requirements through an exciting range of activities and teaching methods. Some activities will be structured so that your child explores and experiments through their play, initiating their own learning. Other activities may involve quality learning with a member of staff.


Your child’s key-person will begin a ‘Learning Journey’ where they will record your child’s development and progression in the EYFS. You will have access to this folder and we welcome you to add to this file at any time. Photo’s, text and comments facilitate useful discussion with staff about your child’s progress.


The babies also have a home/nursery book which includes all the relevant information for each day.

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