Parent/Child Induction

‘Children see magic because they look for it…’ Moore

Parent/Child induction

After your initial enquiry you will be invited into Joeys to view the facilities and talk to the Manager about what your child’s individual needs may be.There are a number of forms to fill in and sign at this point including contact details and consent forms for outings, emergency medical attention and photographs.


There are also some questions that the Manager will need to ask you. It is necessary that your work numbers and emergency contact numbers be kept on record at Joeys. We also need some details concerning your child’s health such as the name and telephone number of their GP, whether they require a special diet or if they have any allergies.


N.B. Please ensure that you keep us informed of any changes to your details, especially contact numbers!


We will then invite your child into Joeys for two free ‘settling in visits’, during which you can chat with your child’s key-person about their routines, likes and dislikes, and your child can get to know their new environment at their own pace. If you feel your child needs more time to settle in please feel free to discuss this with the Manager and key-person.

The First day

What do you need to bring with you?

  • Comfortable and durable clothes – we enjoy messy play and outdoor play whatever the weather, and although we do have painting aprons etc we cannot guarantee that all clothing will be protected.

  • A named cloth bag.

  • A spare set of clothes and outdoor shoes /wellies, plus a waterproof coat in wet weather if you have one.

  • We suggest that all items of clothing are named to avoid mix-ups.

  • If your child needs a comforter or familiar toy to help them settle, please discuss with their key-person.

  • Sun hat and sun cream.

  • Packed lunch, clearly named, if required.

  • Nappies and wipes if your child requires them (within the Baby room there is the facility to keep a supply of Nappies and wipes for each child, which means one less thing to fetch in for every session).

  • Joeys doesn’t take any responsibility for any damaged or lost personal items.

  • We do not allow children at Joeys to wear jewellery such as necklaces or earrings (small studs may be worn) – this is for health and safety purposes as well as to prevent items being lost or broken.

What do we provide?

  • Fresh fruit, wholemeal bread, crumpets, muffins etc at snack times.

  • Milk and water (available throughout the session) to drink at snack time.

  • Art aprons for craft activities.

  • Friendly staff 🙂

  • A welcoming environment.

  • Fun activities!

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