Koalas (0 - 20 months)

The Koala Room can accommodate up to 6 babies aged between 0 and 20 months.

The children have free access to a variety of age-appropriate toys and activities, including treasure baskets, sensory play, a cosy den, books and puzzles, as well as lots of the toys they will be familiar with at home. We have a quiet sleeping area and a separate changing area, and a small kitchen in which staff can prepare meals and snacks without having to leave the room.

From the Koala Room the children have direct access to a small area of patio which is ideal for experiencing the outdoors, where they can join in digging and planting activities, as well as many similar learning opportunities to those available inside, with the added benefits of being out in the fresh air away from the bigger children, ideal for crawlers and cruisers who are just finding their feet!

The Koalas also spend time most days in our Discovery Garden, either with the older children, or at a separate time so that they can explore at their own pace if this is more appropriate.

Staff in the Koala Room work together to ensure they create a friendly, warm and secure environment where the children can develop and explore at their own pace. We try very hard to create a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere as we understand that often what children need most at this very young age is comfort and reassurance from familiar adults in a relaxed but stimulating environment.


“Nothing lights up a child’s brain like play” Dr Stuart Brown