Joeys Jumpers (20 months - 4 years)

Joeys’ Jumpers, this room is split into two areas our Little Jumpers are aged 20-30 months and our Big jumpers are 30 months plus. We typically have between 10-13 children in each area. Staffing is based on the number and age of the children present.

The Room consists of a cloakroom area, a separate toilet and nappy changing area, and the main play rooms which are divided into several areas to provide a large variety of learning and play opportunities. Children have free access to a multitude of toys and experiences; from sand and water play to construction, from small world animals and people to craft and malleable/sensory play, from role-play of all kinds to snuggling up in the cosy corner to read a good book, the children can choose where and how they wish to play, with experienced and friendly staff always nearby to guide and support if needed, or just to join in the fun! We operate in the moment planning throughout the setting, our planning allows for using every opportunity as a teachable moment, it captures and taps into every child’s interest and uses that interest to extend their learning. We don’t wait for the perfect moment, we take every moment and make it perfect. We believe if a child is interested, they are open to learning and digest our teachings. If we respect their interests and use these to teach the child’s confidence and self-esteem will be raised. Each child is an individual and should be seen this way

Our patio area continues our free-play theme with different activities and enhancements provided each day, and of course the children have daily access to the Discovery Garden which has a large sand-pit, a small woodland area and mud kitchen, a story/seating area, and lots of room for running around and riding on trikes, always a popular activity! We like to play out whatever the weather, so waterproofs, wellies and sun tan cream are a must!

Staff in our Jumpers Room encourage independence and acceptable risk-taking, and closely monitor children’s development to ensure they are learning and exploring at their own pace but being challenged and stimulated in as many ways as possible. There is always a variety of activities on offer, but we never make children join in if they do not wish to, so please don’t expect a piece of art-work every day as some children just don’t like painting! Rest assured that they will be doing something they enjoy which, after all, is the most important thing when you are young!