Food, Nutrition & Health

Food, Nutrition & Health Policy

The sharing of meals and snacks at Joeys plays a very important part in a child’s social and emotional development, as well as reinforcing children’s understanding of the importance of healthy eating.

  • Meals and snacks provided are nutritious and well balanced avoiding large quantities of fat, salt, additives and colourings.

  • At Joeys, we provide children with drinks, either milk or water at snack times and water with lunch. Fresh fruit juice is offered in our Out of School Club during breakfast and snack times. Fresh drinking water is available for all children at all times. We ask parents if they are bringing drinks from home that they respect Joeys’ policy and only send water in their drinking cup.

  • The children are always offered at least 2 varieties of fresh fruit alongside their savoury snack, such as wholemeal toast, teacakes and sandwiches.

  • The dietary requirements of religious groups and vegetarians/vegans are catered for on request.

  • We ask parents to put only healthy foods in their child’s lunch boxes, to provide a balanced nutritious meal. Please avoid foods high in fats, salt, sugar and additives, such as cakes, crisps, fizzy drinks chocolate products and sweets. Packed lunches should be clearly labelled with the child’s name, and items needed to be kept refrigerated should be labelled and placed in the box provided. Joeys will provide drinking water to accompany packed lunches.

  • During activities throughout the year we will encourage the children to try new and varied foods, such as breads from around the world, multicultural foods and unusual fruits and vegetables.

  • We also have visits to local shop to give the children opportunities to purchase their own fruit and vegetables.

  • The children will be given the opportunity to join in with cooking activities, which Joeys tries to keep healthy such as, fruit kebabs, vegetable soup, vegetable pizzas and wholemeal bread.

  • All children attending Joeys will be encouraged to access the outdoor areas as much as possible for physical activities. Outdoor equipment is available for play, learning and physical exercise opportunities, with adult supervision.

  • Children’s medical and personal dietary requirements are respected.

  • Milk provided for children in the Koala room is whole and pasteurised, and in the Little Jumpers room we offer semi-skimmed and pasteurised.

Signed on behalf of Milnthorpe Family Centre Directors

Katie Smyth – Joeys Manager                                       Reviewed – January 2017

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