Fees and Bookings

‘Nothing you do for children is ever wasted…’ Garrison Keiller

Fee System

Methods of payment

We do not accept cash or cheque, payments should be made by standing order, online or at your bank. Please see our administrator for more details.


Parents will be invoiced on a monthly basis and these invoices will be emailed to your main contacts email address.


You can pay weekly one week in advance or monthly one month in advance whichever you prefer, but please arrange this with the administrator in advance.


The minimum booking is one session (3 hours) a week.


If you have two or more children at Joeys the eldest will receive 10% discount.

Booking extra sessions

We cannot ‘swap’ bookings to another day, however extra sessions can be booked at any time depending on availability. You will be invoiced for extra sessions at the same time as your usual sessions, note any extras will be shown as such for your reference.

Free Early Years Provision

Joeys is registered to provide 2 year old & 3/4 year old Free Entitlement.


Two year old free entitlement is based on certain criteria and parents can check eligibility online www.cumbria.gov.uk/childcare or alternatively pop in for a form.


Every child is entitled to a government funded free early years place from the term after their 3rd birthday, which at present is 15 hours per week during school term times.


Therefore if your child is three before:-

31st December they are entitled to the grant from the start of the Spring Term in January
31st March they are entitled to the grant from the start of the Summer Term in April
31st August they are entitled to the grant from the start of the Autumn Term in September

We also offer flexible entitlement that can be taken at other times during the week and spread over school holidays.  Please discuss your options with the administrator.


In the event that we have limited places available our admissions policy will apply.


Although we are next door to Milnthorpe Primary School Nursery we both run independently of each other.


Milnthorpe Primary School Nursery is run by the LEA. All parents are entitled to use up to two settings for free entitlement. Joeys can offer wrap around care to all children that attend Milnthorpe Primary School Nursery. 

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