Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management Policy

We believe that children and adults flourish best in a safe and ordered environment in which everyone knows what is expected of them and children are free to develop their play and learning without fear of being hurt or hindered by anyone else.  We aim to work towards a situation in which children can develop self-discipline and self-esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement, which enables children to enjoy and achieve, and make a positive contribution to the community of which they are a part.

In order to achieve this:

  • Joeys has a designated staff member for behaviour management who will attend appropriate training.

  • Rules governing the conduct of the group and the behaviour of the children will be discussed and agreed within Joeys and explained to all newcomers, both children and adults.

  • All staff and volunteers in Joeys will ensure that the rules are applied consistently, so that all children have the security of knowing what to expect and can build up useful habits of behaviour.

  • All staff and volunteers will try to provide a positive role for the children with regard to friendliness, care and courtesy.

  • Staff and volunteers in Joeys will praise and endorse desirable behaviour such as kindness and willingness to share.

  • We will take positive steps to avoid a situation in which children receive adult attention only in return for undesirable behaviour.

When children behave in unacceptable ways:

  • Physical punishment, such as smacking or shaking, will neither be used nor threatened.

  • Children will never be sent out of the room by themselves.

  • Techniques intended to single out and humiliate individual children will not be used.

  • Children who misbehave will be given one-to-one adult support in seeing what was wrong and working towards a better pattern of behaviour.

  • In cases of serious misbehaviour, such as racial or other abuse, the unacceptability of the behaviour and attitudes will be made clear immediately, but by means of explanation rather than personal blame.

  • In any case of misbehaviour, it will always be made clear to the child, or children in question, that it is the behaviour and not the child that is unwelcome.

  • Staff and volunteers will not shout, or raise their voices in a threatening way.

  • Joeys staff will make themselves and the children aware of, and respect, a range of cultural expectations regarding interactions between people.

  • Any behaviour problems will be handled in a developmentally appropriate fashion, respecting individual children’s level of understanding and maturity.

  • Recurring problems will be tackled by Joeys staff, in partnership with the child’s parents/carers, using objective observation records to establish an understanding of the cause.

  • Staff and volunteers will be aware that some kinds of behaviour may arise from a child’s special needs.


Bullying involves the persistent physical or verbal abuse of another child, children or adult. We take bullying very seriously.


If a child bullies another child or children;

  • We will intervene to stop the child harming the other child or children.

  • We will explain to the child why his/her behaviour is inappropriate.

  • We will give reassurance to the child or children who have been bullied.

  • We will encourage and help the child who has done the bullying to say sorry for his/her actions.

  • We will make sure that children who bully receive praise when they display acceptable behaviour.

  • We do not label children who bully.

  • When children bully, we will discuss what has happened with their parents and work out with them a plan for handling the child’s behaviour.

  • When children have been bullied, we share what has happened with their parents, explaining that the child who did the bullying is being helped to adopt more acceptable ways of behaving.

However, in the event of a child demonstrating repeated inappropriate behaviour, procedures are in place for Joeys should we need to consider exclusion, and they are as follows:

  1. Recorded verbal warning to child and parents/carers from the manager.

  2. Letter given to child’s parents/carers indicating the nature and level of concern, and the possible consequences. Parents/carers will be encouraged at all stages to discuss the matter with the manager.

  3. If the setting has to resort to sending a letter home twice in a period of two months, then the manager will consider an exclusion from the setting. This can take the form of a fixed term e.g. 3 days (based on the child’s regular booking) OR a permanent exclusion – this would only be considered as an absolute last resort, where it is felt that the safety of the child concerned, other children at the setting, or staff, were at risk.

Signed on behalf of Milnthorpe Family Centre Directors

Katie Smyth – Joeys Manager                                       Reviewed – January 2017

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